Shaved My Beard For Missions

Every year at United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC), they auction off the summer staff to raise money for a great organization called 1Mission. (Our church, Pantano Christian, partners with 1Mission as well.) So they raised like $1,400 or so doing that. Then the next day, a staffer came up and asked if they could try to raise another $1,000. If they made it, could they shave my beard on stage? Well, they got a bit over halfway, so I said they could cut it short… and of course, once I was up there, not only did more money pour in, but they pulled out the clippers anyway!

  1. My wife was happy with it short.
  2. We raised money for building homes for people who need them.
  3. Hair grows back.

Get more info on 1Mission: click here.

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