“Daddy, I See Heaven!”

Tonight, I was walking the dog with my girls before dinner. There was a pretty great sunset, and as usual, they begged me to take out my phone and take a photo or three. So I did.  As they always do, they rode off down the sidewalk on their scooters while I meandered along with […]

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Shaved My Beard For Missions

Every year at United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC), they auction off the summer staff to raise money for a great organization called 1Mission. (Our church, Pantano Christian, partners with 1Mission as well.) So they raised like $1,400 or so doing that. Then the next day, a staffer came up and asked if they could try […]

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I’m Brian and I love Jesus.

I met Jesus in 2001. I gave my life to him that spring, and found my calling to ministry that winter. Since then, God has graciously helped me leave behind so much sin and self-interest. I have a beautiful wife, twin daughters, and an amazing dog-beast named Fluffy. I currently serve as the Student Ministry […]

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